Event communities are not easy to build – that’s why we’re here to help.

Whether you’re launching a new product, using events to build up marketing content, setting up a conference to generate and convert leads or driving a vibrant online community, we provide a range of event production services to guide, strategise, partner or just do the grunt work for you.

We specialise in growing content-driven event communities for brands and vendors across the tech landscape, most recently working in Data Analytics, Chatbots, User Experience and Blockchain.

Get in touch below to find out exactly how we can help you reach your business objectives.

Eventwards Packages

We’ve outlined four standard project types that continue to meet key objectives for brands and communities we’ve worked with across the tech landscape.

All four project packages include:

  • Securing a high-end venue (London Zone 1-2)
  • Regular event strategy meetings
  • Food and a standard drinks reception
  • Promotional website, banners & brochure
  • Speakers & agenda designed for your target audience
  • Content, social & paid marketing sorted
  • On-Site experience prepared & managed
  • Warm leads passed directly to your sales team
  • Content recordings & delivery post-event

What we’ll get done on our own time:

  • Get to know your product and specific audience
  • Scope out the best timing and location

Most likely cost variables:
– Using your own/a partner’s office as the venue
– Adding/reducing # of session tracks
– Level of on-site design work
– Length of drinks reception

Launching New Tech Products

Launch Evening

Weekday, 3-4 Hours
100-150 Attendees
Single Track

Case studies from product partners
Introduce your team to their community
Engage online audiences with live Q&A
Targeted audience for key networking
Open registration for max awareness
Focussed invitations to desired companies

Lead time required – 14 weeks

Estimated All-In Cost: £12.5k

Sponsored Networking Meals

Intimate Meal

Weekday Morning/Evening, 2-4 Hours
50-80 Attendees
Single Track

Focussed invitations to key clients
Build lasting business relationships
Conversations designed for your objectives
Organised for kickstarted conversions
Venue chosen to suit your branding
Spend your time talking to leads

Lead time required – 16 weeks

Estimated All-In Cost: £15.5k

Generating New Leads

Lead Gen Conference

Weekday, 8:30am – 5:30pm
150-250 attendees
1-2 Tracks

Full-day agenda curated for your USPs
Springboard new products into the limelight
Experience designed for max conversions
Content broadcasted for online audiences
Targeted audience for key networking
Open registration for max awareness

Lead time required – 20 weeks

Estimated All-In Cost: £36.5k

Mass Awareness Events

Mass Awareness Event

Weekday, 8:00am – 7:00pm
450-500 Attendees
3+ Tracks

Prove your market leadership
Smooth on-site experience sorted for you
Stockpile content for future marketing
Mass media attention for your brand
Capture leads info and vital feedback
Open registration + targeted invitations

Lead time required – 24 weeks

Estimated All-In Cost: £70k

Tech Sessions Communities

We’re building a new set of tech communities to provide a platform for learning, networking and recruitment focussed on data analytics, UX, blockchain, chatbots.

Our first series – Tech Sessions: Machine Learning – opens on Dec 7th, gathering over 200 data scientists and ML specialists at Monzo’s HQ by Old Street for talks and case studies from the likes of Deliveroo, Zopa and Sky.

All packages above include free access and expo space at all applicable Tech Sessions events.

Why Eventwards?

Our top priority is to build a community around your product, driving long-term customer loyalty and revenue growth.

We understand why events are a vital part of marketing campaigns, so will design the event around your specific objectives.

Venues, filmers, designers, speakers, influencers, we know them all. Faster production, simpler marketing and better deals all round.

We specialise in data analytics events, focussing on showcasing your content to those who are most likely to convert.

Cost Minimisation
Our project packages allow for a specific budget on key deliverables, and we’ll let you know if you’re getting close to exceeding.

We’ve organised everything from 50-person meetups to 1200-strong conferences. We’ll ensure smooth operations from start to finish.

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